Total language immersion

Motivation can be understood as the stimulus that drives people to carry out certain actions and persist with them until their completition. This is the primary concept on which our academy is based. This principle that drives people to do things, to reach goals with eagerness and determination. The learning philosophy in this centre is based on the development of total language immersion. Our centre is specialized in organizing trips to Valencia for foreign students with the purpose of learning Spanish through an unforgettable experience. At the same time, we offer English and reinforcement courses of every education level. What characterizes this school is the approach from which the teaching/learning process begins. The course is set out in a way that students not only learn the language at class but it is combined with a package of educational and fun outings that makes them more competent individuals, linguistically speaking, since they learn significantly from the context and not only theoretically. The realization of language exchange between native English and Spanish students can also favour fluency and acquisition of new vocabulary as well as an automatic improvement in pronunciation.

The set of activities to be done by the students during the course will be divided by age. Taking advantage of the fact that Valencia is a coastal city, during the summer months many of them will take place at the beach. Surfing, sea scooter, hiking…are some of the suggested activities.

This is an opportunity to learn and enjoy in a fashionable city. Valencia experience.

“Let´s have fun and learn”