Learn Spanish, English and German from home with Skype

If you wish to learn a language such as: ENGLISH AND GERMAN for work reasons…
You just need: Skype, headphones, microphone and webcam. Private classes and flexible schedule.

Type of courses and their contents

There are different types of classes and the student can sign up for all of those which he or she is interested in, wishes and needs.

• Grammar classes
• Conversation classes
• Specific Spanish exam preparation classes
• Specific DELE Spanish exam preparation classes

The classes and the class material

The classes are individual and personal via Skype. Once you are registered, the teacher and student will determine the hours when the booked classes will take place. Each class lasts 50 minutes. The material will be determined in function of what the teacher considers the student needs. The material and possible delivery costs are not included in the registration or classes fees.

Student requirements

The courses are tailor-made for each student and a conversation level test with a teacher via Skype is previously established. It is indispensable for the student to have a Skype account (with microphone and headphones) in order to carry out the classes.


The student will buy classes packs; the price per class decreases as the number of classes of the pack bought increases:

Pack             Price
5 classes       120€ + 20 OF REGISTRATION
10 classes     225€ + 20 OF REGISTRATION
15 classses    315€ + 20 OF REGISTRATION
20 clases       390€ + 20 OF REGISTRATION

For more than 20 classes, the price is established depending on the number of classes booked:
•    From 21 to 40 classes: 19€/class
•    More than 40 classes: 18€/class

Temporary offer

For registration before the 31/02/2014, as a special offer, the prices to apply will be as follows:

5 classes:   100€
10 classes:  200€
15 classes:  285€
20 classes:  350€
• From 21 to 40 classes: 19€/class
• More than 40 classes: 18€/class

Included in the Price
The price includes, apart from the telephonic tutorials:
• Performing and correcting the student level test.
• Correction of the exercises done by the student (oral or via email)
• Periodic and final evaluation of the student.
• Certificate of the classes taken (from 10 classes)

Packs expiration date
The rule to calculate the expiration date of a pack is as follows: if a pack cointains X classes, the expiration date will be in X+4 weeks (from the effective beginning of the course agreed by teacher and student). Therefore, for example, the pack for 10 classes will expire in 14 weeks. This means that all the classes of the pack will have to take place within that period of time, at the rhythm established by teacher and student: they determine how the classes will be distributed during that time.

Speak and hold a conversation via Internet with experienced teachers

The Spanish classes via SKYPE will allow you to learn Spanish with professional teachers from Spain. This is the perfect solution to all those students who cannot visit our city or travel to our contry to improve their knowledge of Spanish and that way integrate into our customs through the in-person classes and our programs.


• Individual classes of 50 minutes each session.
• Spanish native teachers.
• Individualized attention.
• Tailored-made programs for each student.
• Classes with confort.
• Adjustable schedules.

Spanish conversation classes

These classes are the best way for you to improve your Spanish speaking and listening skills as they are introduced in daily situations happening in your own city in any field such as culture, economics, sports, etc in real life. Our conversational classes are given to every student individually, within their knowledge of the Spanish language. In order to strengthen those conversation classes, everything that can provide fluency and comprehension of the language and the listenings that the teacher considers necessary is commonly used, with the purpose of you learning the Spanish language well.

• These classes motivate students to use a creative language through active and conversation starter games with the goal of solving tasks and activities based on the content, expression and understanding of the Spanish language and culture as well as our city’s.

• The students will practice language functions in order to obtain information and answer what was asked by the teacher and to express themselves in daily ordinary situations.

• Any photographic document and illustrations that can provide starting points for the meeting between teacher and student may be used, so they can discuss interculturally, without forgetting the grammatical point.

Our Spanish conversation class length is 40 minutes.

Course of Initiation to the Spanish language

This course is designed for beginners with no previous knowledge of the Spanish language when they need it to travel to a destination where Spanish is spoken. Knowing a little bit of Spanish can make a big difference when abroad. Discovering the language will be part of the enjoyment of living in a new culture.

This program is also very useful to those who studied Spanish many years ago and have forgotten most of what they learnt and are seeking to improve their Spanish or learn more for a better general communication.

At the end of this course you will have learnt how to:

• Introduce yourself in different situations
• Speak on the phone and make a hotel reservation
• Ask about and purchase items in a shop
• Hold your first contact at your arrival at the airport.
• Order in a restaurant.
• Ask and give instructions.