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Incorporation to the German course

German can be a language that can intimidate when considering the possibility of its study due to its strange names, excessively long words, its variety of terms, its pronunciation difficulties, but none of this should impede us from the possibility of learning an attractive language that opens many doors in our society.

It has been a long time since learning English has become a duty in our society, however learning the German language has gained a great relevance in our world, especially in our country and city.

Our country is immersed in the EEC European Economic Community framework and we cannot forget that at the moment the majority of the decisions regarding Europe are made in Germany.

Germany is the third biggest economy and it is clearly the number one in Europe, with a production bigger than a quarter of the European Union Gross Domestic Product.

It is the biggest exporting country in the world and the second biggest importer. Let’s not forget its importance in the European labour market.

More and more Spanish companies are opening more subsidiaries in Germany with the consequent movement of workers all around the world.

Learning German has become a safe and very important bet in our society.

The German language is a very important weapon nowadays to give a positive spin to your professional career.

Every day the German language is becoming more fashionable not only among the youth but also among our company directors and workers from our country due to its great effect on the labour market.

This world can offer you many possibilities and we consider that one of them is learning German.

German is the language of Science

If you wish to dedicate yourself to research, study a very technical or very experimental degree, we encourage you to study German with us.

Do not waste more time and learn German.